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Our monthly “Impacting Outcomes” column features actual case scenarios and how Valkyrie team was able to positively impact outcomes for clients.

April 2024


A fund management representative approached us earlier this year regarding a secondary policy they were considering. The policy (carrier, product, age of insured, and death benefit) made this a potentially lucrative purchase.

The impairment history was complicated and varied, making it difficult to determine the appropriate life expectancy estimate and mortality curve. The market LE available indicated a 36-month mean life expectancy that the client did not believe was well supported. Due to the high-risk nature of the case (death benefit, age, and complex impairments) the client reached out to the Valkyrie team for guidance.

Details and outcome

When Valkyrie completed the internal life expectancy assessment for our client, we completed eData pulls, a thorough review of the medical history, review of the pending market LE, and captured risk factors critical to the CV and frailty/functional risks.

We noted that these critical risk factors were underdeveloped by the market LEP. These factors had a tremendous impact on the risk and led to our assessment: a mean 16 months shorter than the market. The insight we provided led to a winning bid by our client.

Fast forward: Valkyrie received notification from our client this morning that the insured had passed away the night before. They were happy with our guidance, the purchase, and the windfall!


Underwriting corner

Age, gender and tobacco

92 y/o male | Non-tobacco

Medical highlights

  • Cerebrovascular disease with residual impairments, cognitive impacts, uncontrolled CV risk factors
  • Higher level of care needs, including home health care for ADL assist
  • Fall risk: Wheeled walker use, gait/balance instability, recent fall history
  • Multiple hospitalizations-progression in the past 24 months
  • Anemia

Market LEs and MFs

Mortality Factor ranges: 150%
LE ranges: 36 months

Valkyrie longevity estimate

20 months

2015 VBT projected survival:

1st year 77.87%

2nd year 40%

3rd year 11.60%

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